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Lose fat on your thighs quickly and easily, it may seem like this is an impossible thing to do, especially once you have had a few babies, gained some extra weight adding more junk in your trunk, As you read this your are saying to yourself you are to busy working two jobs and with not enough time to spend taking care of your most prized asset YOU!. Come on ladies remember inorder to get the toned fit body we want it has to be our priority, so in order to manage this is by setting aside time each day to do leg and thigh slimming exercises. Now I know what your thinking. How an the heck are you going to find time to force your body to lose inner thigh fat? Well fortunately for you I have the answer.

See us women have a full plate and I don't mean at dinner time. We have so many things to do that it can get crazy, between home and work who has time anymore. Busy is my middle name you will not meet a busier person in your life, I am traveling, writing books, coaching woman on fitness plus I write reviews on health products for magazines, take the kids to every imaginable event for sports, dance, acting and singing. I forgot to mention that I am blessed to have friends and family living near by so they are a big help. So I will share with you some of the things I have tried that allow me to manage my time and lose inches.

When things get to hectic in my life the one thing that I rejoice in is the fact that setting aside 10 to 20 minutes a day to give my body what it needs works, and if your like me early mornings are the best.

The two excercises you will see me talk about is the leg lift and the side lunge. First thing to note is that diet and exercises are necessary to lose inches in the hips use movement that comes from moving your legs out from your side a good example is when you stand hold on to something and do a side leg lift, lift your leg sideways slowly and distinctly. Notice how spot reducing exercises tighten the muscles beneath the fat for a slimmer look in order to get rid of the pear shape weight gained in the thigh area. Second do side lunges by taking a step to the side with one foot, bending at the knee. Then bend the other leg slightly but not as much now feel the stretch in your legs and hip.
One thing many do not know is that breathing has extreme benefits to burning fat, losing weight and overall total health. As you do your leg lifts and side lunges also concentrate on your breathing. This will be the best few minutes you will ever need to start your day and be prepared for your day.
One of the things I noticed when reading emails sent to me regarding weightloss is that many of the same questions arise. Such as: how to lose weight fast? What excercises will help in fast fat loss? Why can I not lose weight in my thighs? Where will I find information on how to lose inner thigh fat? If these are questions you have asked yourself, now you will be happy to know that the best way to reach your ideal weight and wear those skinny jeans again is to understand that the hip muscles are some of the most used muscles in the human body, we use them for walking, running, jogging or just getting up to turn off the radio. So learning how to lose the weight fast is worth the effort and only takes 10 minutes a day.

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